Shoulder To Shoulder On The Pier

We are all standing together on the pier. Strangely enough, it does not feel awkward and there is a decided lack of hostility as well. You don't know just know of me. It is the same for me. I have only heard bits and pieces about you.

He walks up slowly to you and gazes into your eyes. The children are dancing around you both. I turn away because watching this intimate scene makes me feel even more like an interloper. My car is parked a scant 50 feet away. You are both so into one another that it is highly doubtful that my exit would register.

I head to my car and his hand touches mine. You and the children stare at me wordlessly. I can feel traces of confusion, disappointment, and a bit of anger coming from all of you.

I look up into whiskey colored eyes which are assessing me earnestly. No words are spoken. But, I know what he is trying to communicate. We were always good like that. Picking up on one another's cues without either party saying a word.

I nod my assent and understanding. He kisses me on the forehead and picks up his large bag. He is headed for his ship. Every few steps, he turns around and looks at me.  I wave and wipe tears from my eyes.  His eyes have moistened a bit and he shakes away the sadness. He turns and faces the ship. There will be no more back and forth. This is truly our final goodbye.



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