Farewell to the Enchanted Seaport

This road is lined with grave markers representing the ideas, relationships, and other things which have run their course. There is something bittersweet to me about graveyards, on the one hand the people residing there are gone from us forever. However, before their passing they were able to impart something special into our lives.

In less than a month, I am relocating to a city near my hometown. I left this part of the country back in 1994 without nary a backwards glance. I am nervous, excited, with just a dash of dread for good measure. Living in Newport, RI, I have experienced both the best of times and the worst times. 
Things certainly did not turn out the way in which I had planned...not by a long shot. I have spent the past few weeks packing up my apartment, selling furniture, and mentally preparing myself for my departure from this cozy coastal enclave.

Admittedly, there is a part of me which grieves a tiny bit for the way in which things turned out. I have made the conscious choice to not fight the remaining embers of grief. Instead, I am letting the embers burn out of their own volition.

I will miss my weekly walks through the crowded yet, charming alleyways which are the backbone of downtown Newport. Once back in the Midwest, I am certain that I will long for the ocean breezes which blow so liberally here. Then, there's the matter of the Meetup.com and Navy community here which opened their arms to me after my world completely feel apart.

Newport has been like an extended stay summer camp. Though it is difficult to leave, I know that summer doesn't last forever and eventually all of the campers must move onto other locations.

Thanks for the memories Newport. You will not be forgotten.


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