Making the decision to move from Newport, RI back to the Midwest was not an easy one. I struggled for months over whether or not to do it. The fact is that I have to take care of some family related things and I can no longer continue to do so from far away.

There is a part of me which fears that returning to the Midwest will erase all of the personal strides I have made in the near decade since I left.

I will miss seeing the ocean every day on my commute. I will long for the distinctive speech patterns which make New Englanders a tad difficult to understand sometimes.

My palette will miss the  awesome Italian cuisine and the delicious seafood which New Englanders take for granted.

Of course, I will miss the wonderful Navy and civilian people whom took me in during some of my darkest hours and were there for me during the good times as well.

Living in  Newport has  brought a new vibrancy to my life. A vibrancy which I hope will stay with me as a I once again acclimate to life in the Midwest.


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