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How Creative Inspiration Came to Me Without Me Looking for It...

As an artist, inspiration can come from anywhere: a passion, an imagined scenario, a dream, or life experience. I'm a writer of fiction, although everything I write is based on my love of history and of the things that happen in the real world. 

My first novel, Day of Revenge, was a product of my immense interest in the French Revolution. What initially stirred my interest in this historical event was the infamous guillotine. Why such a gruesome killing machine would intrigue me so much, I honestly cannot explain. But, there is so much more to the French Revolution than the guillotine. How a group of people overthrew the Ancien Regime--a system that has been in place in France for hundreds of years--amazes me.

I've often wondered what life was like in France during the Reign of Terror. How did people cope in such a hostile environment? How did they deal with the death and destruction all around them? What did they do to avoid the one-way trip to the guillotine? These questions plagued my mind until I could no longer keep them there.

I didn't want to create characters who fled France without a fight, or who joined the ranks of the revolutionaries. I wanted to create characters who were brave, courageous, ones who were willing to fight for justice, even it resulted in their death. And, that is what I did.

I started writing Day of Revenge when I was partway through university, so it took me five years to write and edit the novel, then an additional six months to find the right publisher--Inkwater Press. I signed the contract with them in June of 2010 and four months later, my book was released.

In the meantime, I had started the writing of To be Maria, a novel completely different than Day of Revenge. Set in the fictional town of Peach Valley, British Columbia, To be Maria follows the story of two seventeen-year-old girls who, in their quest for popularity, find acceptance in the wrong place. The idea of this novel came to me when I was searching for ideas for another historical. Part of the story is based on my own life experience and part of it is based on what I have seen on the news. 

The reason behind the writing of To be Maria is not as easily explainable as the writing of Day of Revenge. I wasn't pouring out my strongest passion onto paper, not at the start anyway. At first, it felt good to write about something that I can relate to. Although, my passion for this story grew as the story evolved.
With writing--as in any form of art--you never know where your imagination will lead you. Most often, the best stories are the ones that come from knowledge and from the heart. Often, you'll find that creative inspiration comes to you when you're not looking for it.

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