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Freewriting Series: A Tale of Two Kites

The infamous kite-eating tree...

He was born a majestic kite. His bright colors were known to catch the rays of the sun and give off a brilliant reflection. He had a bright future ahead of him but, he was too busy living for the moment to pursue anything worthwhile. He scoffed at opportunities to take his rightful place high in the sky.  Instead, he surrounded himself with smaller and inconsequential kites.

For years,  he languished in mediocrity until one day he happened to glance up to see a group of other kites far above him. They were also majestic just like him. He could feel their energy even from his lowly station. He spent a couple of weeks debating the pros and cons of ascending out of mediocrity.

Finally, after another miserable day  of wasting his potential. He took to the sky to meet  other kites of his caliber. It took him a week or so to reach the high flying kites. At first, he stood off to the side trying to feel out the situation. He was  intimidated by the other kites but, he tried not to show it.

After a few days, a very attractive kite approached him. She was regal in her bearing yet, gentle in her demeanor. He was mesmerized by her very presence. She noticed that he was awkward in his flight pattern. She showed him how to fly without expending so much energy. For the first time in his life, he felt as though someone cared abut him . Over time, the two kites fell in love and were married. He continued to grow stronger day by day.

However, the disparity in their level of  spiritual development consumed him. 

Despite her love for him, he began plotting ways to bring her down to his level. He surmised that if she were physically injured, he could more easily gain power over her.

One day during their daily morning flight, he tried to steer her into infamous kite-eating tree. It was in that moment that she realized the depth of his resentment towards her. Things were never the same between them and short time later she left him.

The other high-flying kites also began avoiding him. During the rough winds, he had no one to help him stay upright. A couple of times he was  almost caught up in the kite-eating tree. He realized too late that his ego was of little value in this  higher plane.

Soon after, he was back down with the other low flying kites. But, this time he didn't feel a strong sense of superiority over them.

Instead, he  felt embarrassment because he allowed his ego to destroy his happiness.

Some evenings, he glances up at the clear night sky and  watches the graceful way in which his ex-wife handles the rough winds. He thinks about how different life would have been if only he had believed in himself more.


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