Lunch Time Comfort Soup

I recall the first semester of my senior year in college as being a very impoverished time for me.

I lived alone in an off-campus efficiency and working five days a week at a nearby restaurant.

Gone are the days of relying on the somewhat dubious food in the dorm cafeteria and dining out in restaurants is also not an option.

I can either pack a lunch and eat on campus or dine at home. I preferred to eat in the modest comfort of my tiny kitchenette.

One of the supermarkets is selling chicken noodle soup for 50 cents a can. I place ten cans in my cart and head off in search of white rice. At the register, my pauper’s ingredients only cost around eight dollars. This will feed me lunch for at least ten days.

The following day, I am in my kitchen heating up both the chicken noodle soup and the rice. I cook the chicken noodle soup on a low flame and sprinkle pepper over it. Then, I turn my attention to the small pan of  rice. I have to be careful not to overcook it.

Fifteen minutes later, I am seated at kitchen table with a book in one hand and a soup spoon in the other.

Lunch Time Comfort Soup
Please note that I have altered the ingredients of this recipe for the 21st Century.
I am substituting organic brown rice for the white rice. I am also using a clear chicken broth instead of a chicken noodle soup

1 can of clear chicken broth
1/2 cup of organic brown rice
1/8 cup of chopped and sauteed shallots (This can be done ahead of time)
1 table spoon of black pepper
1/8 cup of chopped and sauteed mushrooms (This can be done ahead of time)

Cook the rice, per the instructions on the bag.
In a separate pan, cook the broth, per the instructions on the box.
Stir in the rice, shallots and mushrooms  into the broth.
Cook over a low flame for ten minutes and then serve.


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