Midwestern Spring Rolls

Last night, I was in the mood for some Midwestern style spring rolls.

So, what made these spring rolls Midwestern?

I added grated white cheddar cheese to the party.

I did not add precise measurements to this recipe because everyone has different preferences when it comes to how full they want their spring roll to be. In addition, this time out I skipped adding the vermicelli pasta to the spring rolls.


Spring Rolls
Red leaf lettuce
Grated white cheddar cheese
Shredded carrots
Sliced green onions
Lemon juice
Rice paper wrapper
Basil oil

Cucumber cut in half

Tamarind and lemongrass
Lime juice
Shredded carrots

Cutting board
Colander with a bowl underneath
Large glass bowl filled with hot water
Serving plate

Thoroughly wash and cut the  Red leaf lettuce,  grated white cheddar cheese, shredded carrots, and sliced green onions to a colander with a bowl underneath.

Sprinkle a little lemon juice and basil oil on top of the ingredients.

Fill a large bowl with hot water.
Dip the rice paper wrappers into the bowl for 5 seconds or until softened.

Gingerly, place the wet rice paper wrapper upon a clean cutting board.

Add the ingredients from the colander on top of the rice paper wrapper.

(Do not overstuff the spring rolls otherwise the rice paper wrappers will split and break apart.)

Gingerly,  tuck the ingredients inside the rice paper wrapper and fold them inside.
Place them on top of the serving plate.

Use a box or hand grate to remove the skin from the cucumber.

Upon completion, cut the cucumber into spears.

Sprinkle a little basil oil atop the cucumber skins.

Add shredded carrot to the tamarind and lemongrass sauce.


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