Vegetarian Lettuce Taco Recipe

Last week,  I had a fridge full of fresh veggies but, no desire to prepare a huge salad. 
Instead, I opted to make lettuce tacos. This dish is perfect for then whole family to prepare. 
You can also easily add meat to this dish to make it carnivorous or replace the cheese with fresh ginger to make it vegan.

1 Lettuce leaf (washed and dried)
1/4 tbsp Shredded cheese (of any type)
4 Sliced grape tomatoes
4 Sliced  and quartered cucumbers
1 tsp Garlic Oil/salad dressing of your choice


Place the lettuce shell/leaf on a clean  cutting board.
Add in the grape tomatoes and cucumbers
Add in the Shredded cheese
Sprinkle on the Garlic oil/salad dressing of your choice

Serve and enjoy


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