Vegan Lettuce Tacos With Mushrooms Recipe

Creating yummy vegan recipes can be a challenge. This incarnation of the lettuce taco contains no dairy whatsoever. I was a little nervous creating this recipe without cheese but, somehow it worked.


3 lettuce leaves turned on their backs to form a shell.
12 sliced sauteed mushrooms (Distributed evenly per lettuce shell)
3 tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1 tbsp per lettuce shell)
9 sliced pieces of green onion (3 pieces per lettuce shell)
12 chopped cucumbers (Distributed evenly per lettuce shell)
12 capers (Distributed evenly per lettuce shell)
12 sliced pieces of grape tomatoes (Distributed evenly per lettuce shell)
3 tsp of lemon juice (1 tsp per lettuce shell)

 Rinse the vegetables thoroughly.
Pat them dry.
Place the lettuce leaves on their backs so that they form shell.
Add in the vegetables and capers to your preference.
Sprinkle on the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the lemon juice

Serve on a plate and enjoy.


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