Budget Decorating with Floor Samples

Last month, I picked up some floor samples from Home Depot (I am not affiliated with Home Depot in anyway.) to get ideas for an upcoming decorating project.  These samples were indeed inspiring. I opted to brainstorm on ways to re-purpose the laminate floor samples. (Pictured on the right)

My first budgeting decorating move was to place the laminate floor samples underneath a lamp which sat atop of an end table located within my living room. (Pictured on the left)

The color palette of these floor samples coordinate somewhat but, are not too matchy-matchy for my tastes. It jazzes up the end table and adds a nice design feature to the room. The best part about it, is that I did not have to throw these floor samples away after inspiration had struck for the original project. 

Stay tuned for a couple of more posts about different uses for leftover floor samples.


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