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i am a bougie girl:'s Friday

Cold Friday nights make me long for hot chocolate, a good book, a riveting movie, and/or a long phone call from one of my friends. The next few days, the temperatures here will not rise above 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Good thing that we have plenty of food, Netflix, and a strong furnace. 2017 is leaving us in the wake of cold weather with a bit of hope on the side.

i am a bougie girl: Your Heart Knows The Truth...

Your heart knows the truth. Despite the lies that you have told and half truths that you have struggled to hide. You told a story that somehow was blown out of proportion and you stayed conveniently silent even as it grew.

Now, you are sitting in a place where you do not wish to be. Longing for a time machine to help you make things right.

i am a bougie girl: Farewell To My 2 Year Old Washer...

Earlier this month, my 2 year old washer died. For the past few weeks, we have been hauling our laundry 4 blocks away to a nearby laundromat. This really could not have come at a worse time. The unseasonably warm temperatures of earlier this month have been replaced with below freezing weather.

Now, to be clear, having one's washer die during the holiday season is not the worst thing in the world to happen...but, it is inconvenient.

Girl Rock Your Size: Patterned and Satiny

Upon first glance, this dress belongs within the summer section of your wardrobe. However, its high neck and long length is still able to take you throw the colder temperatures...with a little help of course.  Add a full body or half slip underneath this garment to add depth to it. Throw a black chenille and/or a cashmere wrap over the garment and add some black boots.
You can rock an updo and gold drop earrings.

Divatosity: Christmas Wrapping Paper

I love this Christmas wrapping paper. It's both classic and contemporary. Polka dots, stripes, and solid patterns join together to create magic.

i am a bougie girl: A Little Rumpled...

A busy weekend filled with beauty appointments, random adventures, laughter, and a bit of work. These types of weekends are my favorites and a good reminder of why I have chosen the path of fostering.

Divatosity: New Holiday Traditions

Generally, I prefer to decorate my Christmas tree in a more understated manner. However, my current 5 year old roommate had other ideas.

"Auntie Lainie, we need more ornaments."

So, earlier this week, we trudged over to a nearby  Dollar Tree to supplement our sparsely decorated tree.

i am a bougie girl: Last Few Blooms Left On The Hedge

There are still a few blooms left on this hedge. I liken these stray blooms to goals that I have yet to complete in 2017. Phase I in season of the comeback ends at the end of this month. I still can't believe how far that I have come this year. I know that Phase II in season of the comeback will be filled with more complexities.  This is the type of life that I was meant to lead.