Creative Life Design

I first wore this dress as a bridesmaid in a dear friend's wedding back in 2014. I still cannot believe that it was 3 years ago. Life was so different for me back then. I had all of these plans but, little or no commitment to see them through. Also, for the first time in years, I felt self-conscious about my life plans. Probably, because they did not fit within the narrow scope  of what Midwestern society finds to be acceptable.

I was making plans to be a single mom by choice, trying to figure out how to cash flow a farm property and moving my career in a very unfamiliar direction. In other words, I was a 40 year old going through a major life crisis within a region of the country which expects everyone to be settled comfortably into their lives by age 30.

Within the past several months, I have solidified my commitment to design a life tailor made for me and not the expectations of an unseen Majority.


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