DIY Headboard

Two weeks ago, I finally purchased a box spring for my bed. (It is still hard to believe that I  spent almost 5 years sleeping on a low profile slatted bed.) 

Almost immediately, I set about trying to procure a headboard for my renewed bed. I spent a few days browsing headboards online. 

Alas, nothing caught my eye and the ones that did were not in my budget. Then, I went to Pinterest and looked up alternative options for headboards. I found great ideas for headboards created from pillows, wooden beams, material, seat cushions, and other nifty ideas. In the end, I opted to use the backing panels from my nightstand. They are lightweight, stained, and easy to adhere to the wall. 

The middle panel was too large and I opted to form the headboard into the shape of the letter "T". 

I placed pillows against the wall to complete the look.  


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