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I am a bougie girl: Last Weekend...

Last Weekend, we strolled around the lake. 

i am a bougie girl: Backyard Progress

Earlier this week, I cleaned out all of the weeds, leaves, and the stray sticks which had somehow accumulated within my back patio.

Now, I have a better sense of the space and what will be required to make it shine. I have decided to enhance its current landscape of mulch and decorative rocks.

There is a great corner in the back for a little patch of flowers... which will look perfect underneath the sign in the photo.

Divatosity: Canvas Drop Cloth= My New Bedskirt

Decorating my bedroom is an on-going project for me. Staying on budget can be a challenge for me. 
My love of Pinterest and glossy decorating blogs is hazardous to my budget.
However, my recent foray back into decorating has me pursuing the path of budget decor.
My latest finds are 2 canvas dropcloths which both cost about ten dollars each. 

Divatosity:Amping Up Your Color Palette

The colors of this wrap spoke to me. They urged me to stop playing it safe with subtle splashes of color. I decided to heed their call. This wrap work with jeans gives off a boho vibe. Paired over a Sun dress and the mood becomes dangerously demure.

Divatosity: Backyard Blues

Currently, planning my backyard patio scape. Right now, things look a little bleak on the design front.

However, I am optimistic that with a little elbow grease and a color palette will transform into a nice space.

Divatosity: Faux Fur

Spring in the Midwest is a mixture of warm and cool weather. I rock this cloak from OSO Casuals with a pair of dark jeans and tan ballet flats.

Divatosity: DIY Headboard

Two weeks ago, I finally purchased a box spring for my bed. (It is still hard to believe that I  spent almost 5 years sleeping on a low profile slatted bed.) 
Almost immediately, I set about trying to procure a headboard for my renewed bed. I spent a few days browsing headboards online. 
Alas, nothing caught my eye and the ones that did were not in my budget. Then, I went to Pinterest and looked up alternative options for headboards. I found great ideas for headboards created from pillows, wooden beams, material, seat cushions, and other nifty ideas. In the end, I opted to use the backing panels from my nightstand. They are lightweight, stained, and easy to adhere to the wall. 
The middle panel was too large and I opted to form the headboard into the shape of the letter "T". 
I placed pillows against the wall to complete the look.