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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Don't Call It Love: Trapped And Not Happy

During my younger years, I watched my female peers set about the game of locking onto a male/target and doing everything in their power to reel him in. Now, sometimes, these ploys were as simple as cooking up his favorite dish or always being within a stone's throw of his vicinity.

But, some of my peers did not want to leave anything to chance so they took certain drastic measures to ensure that their target would be tied to them forever.  Some attempted to use metaphysical means and others went the route of pregnancy.

In the long run, neither of these methods are particularly effective for long lasting love. 

The end result was a man whom feels trapped and not very happy.

For the first few years, she ignores his unhappiness in favor of focusing on home and hearth.

She will ignore the missed dinners, broken promises, and the random text messages from unfamiliar phone numbers on her husband's phone. She will turn a blind eye to the obvious look of dread and unhappiness in her husband's eyes.

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