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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Bougie Girl:Courtship Essays-Working Together

The temperature is at least 100 degrees in the shade. My air conditioner is on its last legs and we are in the process of moving furniture into my condo. Fortunately, my condo is located on the first floor but, the narrow front entry way provides an unexpected challenge for the dresser and loveseat.
I snap a photo of the entry way with my cellphone and then set about brainstorming how we can best maneuver the couch inside. I seem to recall the couch legs being detachable.

 I glance at the photo on my cellphone. I am in a zone of problem solving and I almost forget that he is standing next me.

“I bet these couch legs come off. I’ve got some tools in my truck.”

He disappears across the parking lot to his truck.

Indeed, the couch legs are detachable. Within fifteen minutes, he is helping me to carry the couch inside of the condo. It only takes another few moments to heave the dresser into your bedroom.

“Thanks again for helping me today.”

He throws me a genuine smile which reaches his twinkling eyes.

“Well, you mainly needed me for brute strength.”

I laugh and instinctively playfully brush his chest with my hand.

 “You were a great help today.”

He grasps my hand and pulls me in for a kiss.

“You are this great mix of looks, intelligence, and heart.”

“So, my whole going into the zone of problem-solving did not turn you off?”

He shook his head in response to my question.

“Not at all. Just the opposite. I like a woman who knows how to take care of herself and is not afraid to show it."


Previous experience has shown me that men are not too fond of women conveying helpful competence.

He picks up on my uncertainty of his earlier declaration.

“Well, I can’t speak for the other men that you have known. But, I happen to appreciate that side of you.”

Instinctively, I reach for his hand. Our fingertips touch and an electric current of understanding shoots between us. I am looking forward to knowing more about this man and how what makes him tick.

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