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Friday, May 13, 2016

Bougie Girl Coaching: The Grace To Say Goodbye Without Turning Back...

It is time to say goodbye to a past that can no longer help or hurt you.

The goodbye before this one was filled with unanswered questions and pain that you thought would never end.

Eventually, the feelings of pain subsided into something a bit more manageable.

The memories which you vowed to cling onto forever are now just fuzzy snapshots from a time gone by.

They no longer apply to the new life which you have forged for yourself.

The best advice that you ever received for moving on from your past was from your elderly neighbor, Miz Ella.

"Child, you can't turn back time. So, you gotta keep it movin'. The first few steps away from a painful past are the hardest. But, slowly, your heart stops hurtin' and you are able to shuffle further and further away from it."

This is exactly what you have done. You have shuffled away from something or someone that was not meant for your higher good.

Over the years, you may wander back to that old past situation but, you never see it in the same light...and when it is time to say goodbye for a final time, you do so without sadness or regret.

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