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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Kansas Uncut: Planting Roots In Unexpected Places (Conclusion)

(April 2016)

I am sitting in my townhouse on a Saturday night. My beau is out of town on business, friends are scattered about in different parts of the city, and I am home this evening  finishing my extensive feathering of my nest.

How can this really be my life?

Just four years ago, I was traipsing around Newport, RI. Eight years prior to this time, I sauntered around West LA with weekends which were booked with parties, festivals, and other events.

I have lived in five states within nine years. My life has been the very story of upheaval and yet, I would have been more than happy to keep wagon training onto the next stop.

Now, I am back in the Midwest and there are days when the gremlins of narrow-mindedness which grips this area seems to much to bear. On these particular days, I remember why I fled this part of the country.

However, all it takes is a few hours hanging out with my niece to erase the notion of the gremlins of narrow-mindedness which seems to thrive here.

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