The Road Back

I am driving into a wall of heat with no end in sight. It is Day 3 of my trek from Rhode Island back to Kansas. The temperatures are well above the 100 degree mark. It is as though the Universe is preparing me for my return to the Humid Prairie Land of my childhood.

As though, I could forget the many summers spent languishing in the perpetual heat and humidity of Northeastern Kansas. In less than 5 hours, I will be back in Topeka.

All at once, the thought of living in my hometown both excites and depresses me.

Living back in Topeka will enable me to spend more time with family and to stash away a little cash.

It is definitely not a permanent relocation by any stretch, I plan on only staying here for a maximum of two years which will give me enough time to pay down my student loans and get some other business in order. After which, I will either head back to the East Coast or check out the offerings in Austin, Texas.

This move back to Kansas lacks the magical quality of my previous moves. In those instances, I was stepping into a realm of the unknown.

However, at this time, I am returning to a place in which I fought so hard to escape. My heart holds not so fond remembrances of a childhood filled with racial slurs and bullying from both white and black classmates.

I am older, wiser, and way more worldly than when I fled Kansas back in 1994.

It is almost certain that the next couple of years should definitely be interesting.


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