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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Kansas Uncut: Home Is Where Proposal Writing Happens

(Topeka: September 2012)

Some people move back to their hometowns and immediately begin reconnecting with old classmates and favorite hangout places.

However, that is not my style. I am holed up in my childhood bedroom crafting up proposals to send to the Topeka City Council with regard to revitalizing downtown Topeka. Conventional wisdom of the past states that a department store and/or a chain restaurant would cause the good citizens of Topeka to converge into downtown.

In 2012, the popularity of online shopping coupled with the relatively manageable drive to Kansas City from here, represents quite a challenge for revitalizing downtown Topeka.

Yet, I believe that the solution to this problem lies in creating a multi-use transportation hub located in downtown Topeka.

I spend the next couple of weeks submitting my proposal to various City Council members and fielding phone calls.  

A majority of my local friends think that I am terribly naive to believe that my efforts will result in any change whatsoever.

I am keenly aware that the ideas set forth within my proposal will probably not come to fruition.

Still, I cannot just sit by and watch Topeka sink further into mediocrity.

Besides, writing my proposal seems to unleash a purpose within me that I have not felt since moving back here a couple of months ago.

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