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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Breakup Essays: Essay #10- The Threat Of The Recently Single Woman

Finally, the day arrived when you could no longer turn bear to spend a moment longer in that crappy relationship. You got tired of pretending to be happy to keep the peace. For years your family and friends urged you to leave him.
But, a part of you still held out hope that the boyishly charming young man whom you fell in love with in college would magically return. He never did. You are starting to suspect that the charming young man only existed in the corners of your marriage hungry mind.
Thankfully, you had no kids together and you were amicable enough to split all of the assets down the middle.  You spent the first few months of freedom being the extra person at the dinner party. All of your married friends were eager to live vicariously through the recently divorced girlfriend. Your single life seemed so glamourous to them and to their husbands as well.
You begin to notice the way in which the husbands within your circle of friends seem very eager to volunteer to help you with home repairs. The  eagerness of their husbands to assist you also does not go unnoticed by their wives whom have started to freeze you out of their tightly knit circle. Their kindness has been replaced with inexplicable coldness. IYour name is suddenly left off of guest lists and it is as though you no longer exist. Please do not take this personally. Your singlehood has reminded your friends that their own marriages might not be as secure as they had previously hoped.  Their husbands view you as a safe flirtation with the promise of a bit more. This can only spell unnecessary psychodrama for you. Time for you to gracefully accept that these friendships are now in your rearview mirror.

Go build a new tribe filled with other divorced women whom are eager to start their lives anew.

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