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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Breakup Essays: Foreword

Don’t you wish that you could tailor a relationship breakup to suit your needs? Kind of like relationship dissolution à la carte. The dumper could send you an invitation to download a breakup app which would give you choices on how you would like to conduct a breakup. 
For the more dysfunctional couples, they could opt to engage in a raucous screaming match in which the app would after a matter of five minutes, automatically dial the cops. Passive-aggressive couples could use the breakup app to send hurtful messages to each other which are scheduled to arrive at random times of the day. 
Pragmatic couples could use the app to settle up financial obligations, draft up non- disparagement agreements, and to forward mail. Finally, the emotional unavailable couple could use the app for the sole purposes of breaking up with one another. Why speak to each other when using an app is so much more convenient?
Unfortunately, you do not get to pre-plan how your breakups will come to be. We just stumble and bumble our way through a relationship in a haphazard way. Ultimately, hoping for the best result which varies depending on our overall goals.
The breakup stories outlined in this e-book have been altered to protect the privacy of the people involved.  I have no doubt that most readers can relate with the breakup scenarios being presented in the book. 
 I am not a licensed therapist but, I have gone through or witnessed up close many different types of breakup situations. Over the years, I have gained much-needed wisdom from these various breakup scenarios. Also, I wanted to write material about breakups which were some place between the land of empowerment and reality. So, you will not find bitterness and “down with love” rhetoric within these essays. 

But, let’s face it sometimes it take a while for your Divine Partner to show up and during this time you will enter into relationships with other people. People whom are not your Divine Partner. In fact, some of these folks are the furtherest thing from the very definition of divine. Yet, they are brought into your life to teach you something about yourself or relationships in general. 

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