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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Breakup Essays: Essay #5-Soul Contract Breakup

It’s always awkward to get dumped by your soul mate. Usually, it has something to do with timing and/ lack of maturity of one or both parties in the relationship. Now, your first reaction might be to strenuously fight the breakup. After all, it is your soul mate and they owe you some type of loyalty, right? Besides, in these types of relationships there is an unwritten document which binds you together with your soul mate. It is called a soul contract. Its terms were negotiated and decided upon long before you met in this lifetime. 
You might have to sue your soul mate into fulfilling the terms of the soul contract. Of course, if you decide to do that finding a jurisdiction to hear your case might be a little tricky. Especially since the justice system is not equipped to handle these types of cases.
You could call on your respective spirit guides to mediate the matter, but that can get a little awkward since they don’t all come from the same dimensions.

All you need to know is that these soul contract relationships usually end up coming back around until the contract is fulfilled. It could take one or several lifetimes to complete a soul contract. But, that doesn’t mean that you should wait around for your soul mate to fulfill their end of the bargain.

Never wait around for your soul mate to get their act together. Doing so turns your once vibrant energy into a stagnant mass which will suffocate any and all whom come in contact with it.
Besides, your soul mate never really leaves you all alone. No, in fact more than likely, they are bringing pieces of you to their next relationship. Sometimes, when you are particularly tuned into the proverbial Soul Satellite you may catch a glimpse of them strolling along within your dreams. It will freak you out at first but, then over time, you will adjust to the sight of them with someone else.

It will twinge your heart but, then you will find yourself relaxing because you are not in this dream by accident. They brought you here for a purpose. You are there to witness the awkward emptiness that is their life without you.
At first, your ego will soar with happiness at the prospect of your soul mate being unable to replace you.
But, then your ego’s reverie is interrupted by the pained expression on your replacement’s face. She is wondering why he is going through the motions of loving her when it’s obvious that there is someone else in his heart.
Now, you are looking for a way out of this dream/invasive view into his reality.

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