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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Ten Monologues For Women: Monologue #4 -Hell is Other Women

Tomorrow is my last day here in this hellhole. Okay, perhaps hellhole is too strong of a term.  The job itself is great. I get to research  land  titles of houses in the town’s historical district.  Each house has a story.

 Sometimes the story is filled with romance with just a dash of magic. Other times, it’s filled with tragedy and vanquished hopes.  To the outside observer, a house is just bricks and mortar with a few decorative flourishes thrown in for good measure. But, I know better.  I take my work very seriously.  I refer to my abstracts as historical novellas.

Potential donors make their decision to contribute based upon one of my colorfully written abstracts.
This drives my co-workers crazy.  I work in an office of all women.  You would not believe the high levels of cattiness which I have put up with on a daily basis.

My co-workers make a huge deal of excluding me from lunch, talking about future events in front of me which they have no plans of inviting me to, and making cutting remarks about my privileged background.

I even overheard one of them say that I should just live off of my trust fund.  Now, they all know that one well-placed phone call from me could result in them losing their jobs. I could also make things difficult for their family members employed in this area.  It’s almost as though they are daring me to do it.

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