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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 20-Shipping Out

(March 2012 to June 2012)

In a matter of months, the rest of my Navy family will be shipping out to various parts of the world. They all seem to be in agreement that it is time for me to head out to a different port.

I briefly consider relocating to Washington DC or even Richmond, Virginia. I have friends and family in both places. But, now things are a little more complicated due to my father's unexpected passing and the inheritance of a farmhouse and several acres located in Kansas.

It is becoming too expensive to maintain the farmhouse and property from Rhode Island. I can only imagine the financial struggles headed my way if I stay on the East Coast.

Finances and maturity are steering me back towards Kansas. Goodbye to lazy days strolling the Cliff Walks, taking photos of various piers and docks, fresh seafood, and the endearing New England accent.

The land of no oceans, no mountains, and lots of prairie for miles around. 

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