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Thursday, December 10, 2015

We'll Always Have Newport: Chapter 18- The Grand Re-opening Of The Mess Hall

(February 2011-November 2011)

Since breaking up with the Sailor, my forays into the kitchen are not filled with much joy.
Cooking has become a hassle and another painful reminder of my failed relationship.

However, my recent membership into the local social group has changed all that. Roughly 85% of the members are in the Navy and all of them have a pretty healthy appetite.

Once again my kitchen has become a busy hub of activity. It feels good to have people to cook for again. I spend an hour a day researching ingredients and marking up my trusty cook's notebook.

Our almost weekly potlucks consist of good food, excellent wine, and lots of conversations. Sometimes, we spin tales of our previous lives.  I share stories about my early days of getting lost in Newport and the magic of flying kites in Brenton Park.

In turn, the Sailors regale me with tales about navigating life in a foreign country. The gist of their stories usually contain a pebble of wisdom about thriving after the unexpected shows up in your life.

The past several months have been a study in the unexpected showing up and setting up camp in my life. Yet, I am learning that there are two sides to the unexpected. It can remove one person from your life and bring in several others within a short span of time.

I am surrounded by a group of new friends and though their are still pangs of "what could have been" regarding the Sailor. Somehow, I know that I am right where I am supposed to be.

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