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Friday, October 2, 2015

We'll Always Have Newport:Prologue

Several years ago, British singer Adele wrote  some of her most powerful material while nursing a broken heart. I envisioned her seated somewhere in a studio or even a coffee shop jotting down snippets of the powerful lyrics which would become power anthems for the lovelorn.

During my few years living in Newport, I experienced both the euphoric highs of new love and the bottomless dark depths of  unimaginable heartache. For a long time, I feared that I would never feel any kind of joy again.

 The writer in me wanted to document all of the heartache as it was happening.

However,  it took nearly two years after my life had fallen apart for me to be able to coherently write about my experiences. 

So, I sat back and read everything I could about break ups, heartbreak, and yes, even material on the Dark Night of The Soul.

 I was determined to understand what this hellish chapter in my life was supposed to teach me. Was this a lesson about love, loss, resilience, or a mixture of all three?

Fortunately, during this dark time, I ended up meeting some great people along the way.

I used this new found knowledge to weave a tapestry of essays about love, friendship, and self-discovery.

(Please note that I have changed the names and tweaked a few of the circumstances to protect the identities and privacy of everyone involved.)

October 2015

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