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Friday, October 9, 2015

We'll Always Have Newport:Chapter 2-A Smidgeon of Reality

(November 2009-December 2009)

During the first month of my long distance courtship with the Sailor, I am unable to concentrate on anything except for our next contact point. This is not the typical Type A Lainie behavior. I am the one whom has four burners going at full flame plus, something baking in the oven. Yet, here I am unable to organize my law school applications.

 8 years ago, I was enrolled in law school, During this time, both my parents were struggling with illness and I am trying to help my 21 year old sister get her act together. 

 Though, my efforts were valiant…alas, they were not enough to keep me afloat academically.

 After I left law school, I became obsessed on how I was going to return.

Looking back, I can’t believe how I lost so many years  being caught up in the trap of believing that becoming an attorney was the only way for me to be happy.
Fast forward to the present time, I have only completed 2 out of the 13 law school applications and now it’s December.

Perhaps, my inaction is due to the fact that I now can, see a different future for myself. In my alternate future, I am married with kids and writing cookbooks in my spare time.

If I am honest with myself, this is the future which I always wanted. But, for some reason this never seemed like a viable option for a Type A woman such as myself.

The Sailor is pressuring me to complete my law school applications.

“I am not going to stand in the way of your dreams,” He declares solemnly

“But, I don’t even know if this even my dream anymore. I feel like I am turning to law school because I don’t know what else to do with myself,” I reply.

He is silent on the other end of the phone.

“I would just feel better, if applied to the law schools on your list. If you don’t get in fine. But, you have to at least try. Ok?”

Curse his pragmatic nobility,  I want  him to tell me to let go of the old law school dream and move to Newport.

However, he isn’t going to do that and it irritates me but, at the same time I kind of admire  him for it.

Still, in the midst of my law school applications, I have managed to carve out time to research more about Newport, RI.

Newport was founded during the 1600’s and its history rich with people exercising their rights for religious freedom. Most notably Anne Hutchinson, whom was kicked out of Boston due to her challenging the principles of Puritanism.

At one time during the 1700’s, Newport was one of the major port cities in the 13 colonies. Later on it turn into a summer retreat for the wealthy and their servants. Eventually, the Navy set up shop  in Newport and its surrounding towns.  

The Sailor sends me photos of the Newport landscape a few times a week.  I  envision Newport as this lively mix of historical monuments, great displays of wealth and a strong military presence.

I am  instantly attracted to Newport's quirky identity.

Now, that I have gleaned a sense of this Enchanted Seaport it’s time to get down to the business of how I can transport myself there.

After  researching  the job market in Rhode Island, I discover much to my dismay  that it has one of the highest levels of unemployment in the nation.  I gulp inwardly and  experience a rush of panic at the thought of moving to a place sight unseen.

Could I actually move to a region of the country which I have never even visited and find both a job and an affordable apartment in a decent neighborhood?

 I am the self-proclaimed Queen of Relocation. In the past,  I have conquered larger cities  than Newport, RI. But, that was before the Great Recession which is currently affecting many regions across the USA.

In addition, I have relocated to a state sight unseen.

Admittedly, my biggest fear is  moving to Rhode Island and running out of money before I am able to find a job.  The last thing that I wanted to do is  relocate to Rhode Island and become a financial burden on the Sailor.

Each time, I mention my fears the Sailor gently reminds me that  my main focus is supposed to be on law school. Presently, I have only received 3 responses (all rejections) from the schools in which I had applied.  I still have 10 more applications to hear back from.  April should provide me with more information as to where I am going to reside.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that I end up in Newport, RI. I have fallen in love with the photos which the Sailor sends as well as the cranky posters on the city forum there.

The prospect of going back to law school doesn’t seem as exciting as moving to a town sight unseen  and spending time with the Sailor.

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