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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Old Decaying Manuscripts Brought Back To Life

I completed my first manuscript back in the 8th grade. It consisted of several skits which filled up a spiral bound notebook. I even had a classmate whom edited my work at least twice a week. Some of the skits saw the light of day but, a majority of them are still tucked away somewhere in my mother's basement.

Almost 25 years later, I find myself once again drowning in manuscripts which I have long outgrown. I am ready to work on some new stuff. 

I have decided to publish these never before seen essays on my various blogs. The first one is entitled: "We'll Always Have Newport." It is about the 2 years that I spent living in Newport, RI. Spoiler Alert: There are lots of essays which involve cooking and navigating life in a Navy town.

I wrote the first draft of the manuscript back in 2010 and I continued revising it down to a nub.

Every few months, I drag it out of a drawer and attempt to workshop it again. Still, it seems to read better as a series of blogposts versus a collection of essays.

Stay tuned for this very fun and sometimes a little mushy series.

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