Three Levels, New Devils

I am all moved into my townhouse. I moved the bulk of my items from my 3rd floor apartment within four days. The miscellaneous items took much longer to move.

A long work day combined with the intense August heat, and three flights of stairs left me feeling drained.

My new place has 3 levels and a carport. I feel like a lady of absolute luxury.

Originally, I had planned on decking this place out with a bunch of new furniture and art. Yet, something in the back of my mind urged me to go a more practical route. Instead of heading to the furniture store, I went to Best Buy on my lunch break and purchased both a washer and a dryer.

They were delivered today and work like a charm. This much needed purchase meant that my plans to hang out at First Friday's were revised to a quiet night spent at home writing.

However, I know that during the Winter, I will be more than grateful not to be dragging my clothes  to the laundromat.


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