A Coat Of White Paint

When we last saw this carport, it was a tangle of rotting boards which were threatening to blow over at any time. Earlier this summer, our roofer removed the boards and the difference was remarkable,

Yet, I knew that we had a long way to go before Phase I of the property renovation was over. This roof turned carport was going to need a little more beautification. 

I listened to The Dave Ramsey podcast whilst adding a couple coats of white paint to the building. The first few minutes consisted of me fighting against a headwind whilst trying to apply the first coat. Admittedly, my whiny inner 4 year old just wanted to stomp off and come back the following day.

When did painting become so difficult?

Luckily, emotional maturity won out.  I spent the next few hours feverishly painting the carport. 

Afterwards, I walked out towards the road and looked back at the newly painted dwelling.

A surge of proud rushed through me. Next year, I will have to fix all of the masonry work on both the carport and the house. However, for now, I will hold onto the feeling of accomplishment no matter how fleeting it is.


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