Hometown Nomad: Restoration Man

I discovered this show quite by accident. I was cleaning my apartment and fighting off the depression which commonly occurs after receiving a construction estimate for the farmhouse. Scrolling through a few Youtube videos on restoring old homes, I came across the BBC television show entitled: "Restoration Man". These folks were extreme home rehabbers. They had taken on the task of rebuilding and repurposing historic buildings into homes.

Some of these places did not even have a roof or windows. In addition, the home owners were required to submit their plans to local historic councils for their approval. Yikes. Here I am whining about a roof, new exterior doors, stucco, paint, and windows replacement.

All of these things could be obtained within a 6 month period. Sans a historic council getting involved.

At first, I simply watched an episode before bedtime. Things kind of escalated from there.  "Restoration Man" is hosted by  George Clarke.

He is an architect and all around hunky bloke. I admit to being a little distracted by his good looks and affable screen presence.

The show follows the homeowners from the beginning to the very end of the restoration project.
The viewer has the opportunity to experience the joy, pain, and money, that goes into a huge home restoration project. This show does not sugar coat anything. Which for me, is a big part of its charm.

Home restoration projects are not for the faint of heart or poor of pocketbook. It takes commitment, creative thinking, and money to make them happen.  


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