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Sunday, July 5, 2015

My Take On The Confederate Flag Debate


I am having so much fun reading debates about the Confederate flag and how it has been "misconstrued" over the years. In addition, those offended by it are being brainwashed by both the "PC police" and "media hype".

Whilst growing up in the SUPER racist town of Topeka, KS and attending college for the first 2 years at Kansas State. I can recall several incidents in which racial slurs were hurled directly at me and those folks doing the hurling were either wearing an article clothing with a Confederate flag or driving a vehicle which had one emblazoned on it.

In fact many of these hostile "exchanges" consisted of the person hurling said racial slurs at me stating things such as "Things would be so much better if the South had one the War. You lazy blacks have no idea how to work hard at anything" etc. Which struck me since, this country was built on the backs of said "lazy Blacks". Yes, I did pose that question to one of the hurlers of racist epitaphs and he did not have a ready answer for me.

Now, I realize only now, that in my haste not to become a victim of a hate crime, I was derelict in my duty to educate said attacker on the true origins of the Confederate flag.

I wish with all of my heart that the folks defending the Confederate Flag in 2015 would have been there with me during my childhood and first 2 years of college (circa 1980's and 1990's) to "educate" these folks.

History is comprised up of all our stories. My story with the Confederate flag consists of racist bigots calling me the N word, being physically attacked, and yes even spit at.

Keep in mind, I was born in 1974. I can only imagine what a person of color born in the 1920's thinks when they see that flag waving. Are they terrible people for being triggered by a symbol which they associate with slavery and Jim Crow?

 It is their history after all.

Sure, people have invoked the American flag to perform all types of atrocities. But, like it or not this is the flag that represents the USA in 2015.

How does Walmart and other retailers discontinuing their sale of the Confederate flag or even its removal from government institutions going to cause a sudden "amnesia" of history?

Slavery has been abolished for over 100 years in this country. I am pretty sure that everyone remembers that it once existed without Black people walking around in chains with whip marks on their backs.

I would like all of the Confederate Flag defenders to feel free to hoist it onto the flagpole in front of your house, affix it to the bumper of your vehicle, and wear it with pride. This is 'Murica after all.
Just realize and respect that this flag holds an entirely different meaning for the people terrorized underneath it.
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