Curb Appeal and House Renovation

Go slow. That is what everyone keeps advising us to do. Alas, there is so much that needs to be done on the old homestead and a majority of it requires money.

We want to barrel through our property with reckless abandon. Slapping up flourishes of white primer to cover up the patches of rotten wood and uneven plaster. My caretaker is a practical person and thinks that our  quest to improve the property's curb appeal via white primer and decorative touches is a colossal waste of money.

But, it gives us peace of mind and a measure of control. Plus, it really does improve the look of the property from the road.  It is easy to become overwhelmed during the initial stages of rehabbing a property. You will spend too much money trying to hurry the process along or waste time getting caught up in minute details.

And do not even get me started on the phenomenon of paralysis via calculator. This occurs when you begin to casually add up how much a month it will cost you to maintain the grounds, to get a new roof, to re-stucco the siding, to get new doors, to completing gut and re-do the interior of the house etc.

Maybe, you have well-meaning friends and family members discouraging you from taking on such a monumental task. Or you are not able or willing to even entertain spending the money to get your house rehab project off of the ground.

I will not lie. You are in for a huge commitment but, I have to say that each tiny step you take towards completion will be a victory in itself.


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