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Friday, May 8, 2015

Take My Idea, Please: Paying Adjunct Professors A Living Wage

Here's a simple brainstorm about how academic institutions can pay adjunct professors.

(Please note that brainstorm is by no means comprehensive and is designed to be more of an entry point to a larger brainstorm.)

1.  Academic institutions could contract with adjuncts to teach up to 3 years. The contract is eligible for renewal on a yearly basis.

2.  Adjuncts could teach 4 Classes a semester and back fill administrative functions within their respective departments.

3. Offer  adjuncts housing, weekly meal stipend, and health insurance through the campus health facilities. On campus meal stipend is $40 a week that the adjunct has the option to choose as a perk.

4.  Pay adjuncts a net of $2,950 a month  from August to December and January to May.

5.  Adjuncts have the option to stay in housing over the summer but must work on campus at least 15 hours a week to do so.

6. Adjuncts could teach and assist as administrators for an academic institution's night, weekend, and online course curriculum.

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