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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Size Six Jeans

I can wear my size 6 jeans again. This is a mini-triumph for me. I still have about 9 more pounds to go and I am not rushing to lose the rest of the weight. Instead, I find myself just focusing on my daily choices. Once again, I am conscious of my sugar intake and how there are days in which I will have to choose between eating a candy bar or drinking a can of soda.

I do not feel deprived by watching my intake of sugar. Instead, I feel empowered because I am consciously making the choice. This is vastly different than how I behaved last year. I can now see that the majority of 2014 was spent under a cloud of resentment and sadness.

I made healthier choices and let go of the resentment and sadness which I was carrying for the past few years. I stopped fighting the grief of multiple miscarriages and the deaths of  close friends and family members.  I embraced my own life path which can best be described as "unique". This simple act opened a huge space in my soul.

The weight started falling off and this opened me up to see that there were other things in my life that needed to be upgraded.As I write this, I am working through a list of  dreams which were put on hold back in 2011 and now are being revitalized.

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