Finding The Beauty In Your Own Hometown

There is beauty in your hometown and it is waiting for you to discover it.

Chances are, there is a nearby park filled with ponds, flowers, scenic paths, and great picnic spots.

Yet, you refuse to partake in it because your heart and mind have refused to acknowledge your new circumstances. You heart is still beating for the big city life that you left behind. But, you know that the person whom you were in that big 'ol city no longer least not in the same way.

Going back there would mean scrapping your plans to start a family, buy a house, and/or settle down.

My challenge to you is to incorporate the important elements of your big city life into your current existence. Take the time to learn about your hometown and its surrounding areas. Go on local walking tours, join the historical society, and tap into your hometown's "expat" network.

This whole finding beauty in your hometown attitude could take some time to fully digest. But, I promise that life gets a lot better when you seek out and find the beauty of your hometown.


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