Fresh Ginger Makes Everything Better...

I have a confession to make. For the past few years, I have been using ginger powder as a substitute for the real thing. It happened quite by accident. Back in 2009, I started kicking around the idea of cooking more Asian inspired meals.

So, I picked up some ginger powder at the grocery store and things kind of progressed from there. Each time, that I went to the grocery store, I vowed to buy fresh sliced ginger. But, I always ended up putting the ginger powder in my cart instead.

Six years later, I have made it a practice to buy fresh ginger. It really does make a difference in the dish. Powdered ginger can add a decent amount of flavor to a dish. However, fresh ginger makes the same dish come alive because it has the added component of spicyness.

Fresh ginger added a new dimension to the orange miso chicken wrap that I cooked earlier in the week. Be sure to thoroughly wash, cut, and peel the fresh ginger. Doing so will ensure activate the flavor components of it. Also, do not cook it for too long because it will lose the dynamic flavor.


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