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Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Thing About Passion Is....

The thing about passion is that it will eventually return to you. More than likely, it became tired of waiting around for you to commit. Passion for all of its wild abandon, requires a proper commitment. You cannot half step with passion. It will not stand for half-assery in any capacity.

How do you commit to passion and still stay grounded?

You have to integrate it into small spaces of your life. Passion needs you to get out of the drive thru and/or take out line. It wants you to return to your kitchen and fire up the stove. Perhaps, it is calling you to start writing poetry again, painting pictures, traveling to random places, running, or even taking up salsa lessons.

The more you ignore its call, the deader you become inside. Until you look up and notice that your soul is in tatters and your heart is made of cold ash.

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