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Friday, February 6, 2015

Soul Bond Breakage

He recalls the day that the soul bond was broken between them. It was a rainy afternoon, he was having lunch with his new girlfriend and from nowhere he felt a huge crash in his soul. Sadness washed over him in huge waves. His new girlfriend kept prattling on about  double dating with another couple. He was unable to focus on anything that she was saying. Instead, he focused on plugging back into the soul of his Ex. Her soul was filled with electric energy and a passion which he had never experienced. She had awakened so many wonderful things within him.

Yet, she also had this uncanny ability to hold space for him. But, he was not used to this and took this loving act as a rejection. In his experience, a partner did not care about you unless they were going through your phone, inserting themselves into all aspects of your life, and emotionally smothering you.

He is debating on whether to pull the disappearing act on the new girlfriend. But, where would he go? His Ex had moved onto a new life. Hopefully, she was able to find a man to treat her better than he had.

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