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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Utter Destruction and Chaos

If you stay with me...I will destroy you. Maybe, not today or even next year but, know that no one escapes the realm of my chaos unscathed. It is the reason why I keep you at arm's length. You have a beautiful soul but, it is no match for my inner turmoil.

Your soul lures me to the edge of my limitations and it gently coaxes me to take a leap of faith. The belief which you hold for me is astounding but, I fear that it has been misplaced. You are constantly confusing my potential with what the reality of who I am as a man.

A huge part me wants to live on the surface. It is the only way that I know how to keep my inner demons locked away. Yet, being with you makes me want to defeat those scary demons once and for all.

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