Temporary Vegetarian

I am currently eating an all vegetarian diet for the month of January. For the past 2 years, I have been in a toxic relationship with BBQ, bacon cheeseburgers (on an off), pizza, and other unhealthy food suitors.

Last month, I hit my wall and decided to take a drastic action to lose my taste for these food items which were contributing both to my high cholesterol and weight gain.

So far, it is working. I am not craving meat in the way that I thought I would. I also realized that I am a creature of habit.

Sometimes, it was just easier to hit up the drive-thru line and/or the take out joint down the street.

Now, I am sticking to my weekly menus and controlling my once large portion sizes which also contributed to my weight gain.

Grocery shopping has become exciting again. I am also listening to vegetarian podcasts and trolling cooking shows for menu ideas. My soda consumption which was already somewhat low is now virtually non-existent. I just do not have the craving for soda anymore.

Next month, I am going back to eating meat albeit leaner cuts and way less of it.

This journey has been about self-care. I see that letting my once healthy diet slip into an abyss of junk food was a metaphor for the way in which moving back to the Midwest drastically lowered my standards of eating.

There are healthy food options here in the Midwest but, they are more difficult to find versus my previous residences of California, New Mexico, and Rhode Island. I was getting upset at actually having to investigate where to buy things versus having them be readily available to me.

Some of the more positive side effects of my vegetarian diet has been clearer skin, no tummy aches, more energy, and an improved attitude.


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