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Saturday, January 3, 2015

My Age and My Weight

There is an antiquated adage which states that a lady never reveals her age nor  her weight.
But, I will gladly share both with the world. From my previous posts, you already know that I happily celebrated my 40th birthday last year.

Now, I am coming to you with total honesty about my weight. I weigh about 170 pounds.  I am 5'3'' and this weight is unacceptable to me. Let me be clear, I  do not feel shamed by the patriarchal society in which live. Also, I am kind alright with how I look. But, my health is telling a different tale. It is starting to be affected by my love affair with red meat.

By love affair, I mean that I was consuming red meat several times a week and sometimes for all 3 meals. I could not seem to stop this craving for red meat. For years, I was fine with eating it once every other week or going a month or so without it.

This changed when I moved back to the Midwest from New England. Red meat is everywhere and its consumption is heartily encouraged.

A few weeks ago, I decided to go completely vegetarian for the entire month of January 2015. I did not jump into this decision, rather I slowly started cutting meat out of my diet. I made sure to stock up my pantry with vegetables, quinoa, fruit, pasta,  soup, and brown rice.

So far, I am on Day 3 and I do not have the meat cravings. In fact, my sugar cravings seemed to have left as well. I feel clearer and my tummy rumbles are gone.

The overall goal is to lose my cave man craving for red meat and to pay more attention to where I am purchasing my food.

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