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Friday, November 21, 2014

21st Century Western Feminism Makes Me Sad...


My view of 21st Century Western Feminism is that it manufactures outrage and social media hand-wringing, and overblown theatrics. It has become a sideshow of sorts and is more about hashtag awareness, Twitter wars, and other silliness rather than helping women.

As a Gen-X feminist, I am sad and disillusioned with the current state of affairs.

Below are the questions that I have for 21st Century feminists:

1. Creating awareness about women's issues is great but, what happens after the hashtag campaign fades away?
2. What are we doing as individual feminists to help one another out?
3. Why are we letting ourselves get all up in arms about trivial matters that are not directly linked to why women are still making 77 cents on the dollar?

Maybe, one day someone will explain the above-mentioned questions to me...hopefully, in a non-shaming way.

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