Classic Black Wrap

A classic black wrap is a must have for your wardrobe. It has a versatility that can take you from casual to formal events with surprising ease.
I own a few black wraps and they have definitely helped me to breath life into my wardrobe without bankrupting myself.

During the Spring, I wear a black polyester  blended wrap with my sleeveless dresses and over a tank top and jeans ensemble.

In the Summer, I use a black  lace wrap for late summer nights spent out on a restaurant patio.

The Fall is the when I alternate between a crocheted black wrap during the day and a black wool blended one for nighttime events.

Generally, during the Winter I wear my black wrap underneath a heavy coat.

You can find black wraps in thrift shops, your mother's closet, upscale department stores, and discount outlets. The price of this garment ranges anywhere from $14 to $50.


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