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Monday, September 15, 2014

Empathic Seeker: Twin Flame Tango

Your eyes lock from across the universe. Instantly, your souls reconnect as if no time has past. The Twin Flame Tango requires that the souls step into an all too familiar yet, powerful embrace. This particular dance requires dignity with a hint of flare. He must turn her in a way which assures that she will return to him. She has to move in a manner which will not scare him away.

Wait, how is it that Twin Flames are not automatically synchronized with one another?

Lack of self-awareness and immaturity are two of the prevalent reasons why this can occur.

Twin Flames have to ease into their roles carefully. It can take decades for Twin Flames to become settled into the idea that the intense soul connection is the real deal. Meanwhile, one or both of them may marry and start families with other people.

Their intimate soul tango can transform into a group line dance of sorts. The stakes become higher because other hearts are  suddenly on the line. The Twin Flames are then forced to step back from one another and go their separate ways.

The catch is that Twin Flames may live separately within the physical realm and still communicate through telepathy and dreams.

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