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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Night Of Crazy Empath Dreams-Part II

I safely made it out of the room o' resentment and into a narrow hallway. I am walking briskly looking for a way out of this house. The vibe of this place is filled with instability and delusion. Behind me, I hear raised voices and loud footsteps headed towards me. They are chanting my name.

I break out into a run but, they are soon just a few feet behind me. I run through an open door, shutting and locking it behind me. I push a  mid-sized winged back chair against the door and look around for a weapon.
The door knob is rattling and they chant my name for a few minutes more and then it becomes eerily silent. I glance up at the top of the door frame to see the ghostly figures of a man and a woman slipping through it.
They are headed straight for me....and then I am cloaked in blackness.

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