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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Soul Conversations Series: Chatting with a Soul Contract Enforcer

Every soul has to fulfill at least one contract within their lifetime. In fact, some souls are assigned to fulfill multiple contracts through out their lifetimes. These soul contracts are constantly being monitored by a review committee. Today, I am going to be chatting with a soul contract informer by the name of Vera. Vera has been a soul contract enforcer for over 15 lifetimes. She has seen just about everything under the sun when it comes to soul contracts.

Soul Mediator: Thanks for stopping by today.

Vera: No problem. I am always up for informing the public about soul contracts.

Soul Mediator: Just what is a soul contract?

Vera: It is an agreement between two or more souls which is established before they come to Earth.

Soul Mediator: That makes sense. Why do souls establish contracts with one another?

Vera: It's a way for them to learn about various things. It holds them accountable for their own personal growth.

Soul Mediator: Where does a soul contract enforcer fit into the overall scheme of things?

Vera: We make sure that the contracts are being honored. Earth is a hectic place filled with lots of noise and distractions. Souls can forget who they are and whom they are accountable to. A soul contract enforcer gently reminds them of this duty. We have carte blanche to make sure that contracts are enforced. Sometimes, this can mean having to make some tough calls.

Soul Mediator: What kind of tough calls have you had to make?

Vera: A few times, I had to break up loving relationships, prevent job promotions, and other things that I would rather not speak of.

Soul Mediator: It sounds like an intense job.

Vera: You have no idea. There are times when I want to look the other way. I see a loving couple and I don't want to interfere with their blissful life. But, I have to because one of the souls contracted to be with someone else. So, I have to help the soul honor a contract which they may not remember entering into.

Soul Mediator: Do souls ever fight you on this?

Vera: All of the time. Sometimes, they become so distraught over their losses that they fall into despair. Then, I have to improvise and bring other souls into their lives to help them heal.

Soul Mediator: So that the soul is ready to enter their agreement.

Vera. Yes.

Soul Mediator: As a mediator, I have come across many situations where souls are still reeling from having to honor these agreements. They feel trapped by the obligation. Any advice for them?

Vera: Soul contracts are not always pleasant. But, they are a necessary part of our life here. Without them, the way of things would become unbalanced.

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