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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Random Love Interest

Random Love Interest
Random Love Interest by Bougie Girl Apparel

I am not some random chick and yet my current relationship states otherwise. Our long range plans are hazy at best. I mean, he makes them and yet a part of me does not really believe that they will come to fruition. See, there are other people smack dab in the middle of our relationship. Their needs come WAY before mine. At first, I tried to be understanding. Past a certain age, people bring exes, children, and other random things with them into relationships. But, it feels like he is taking advantage of my patience.

Is there really a need to have an ex with whom you have no children on your car insurance policy?
Why are you inviting her family over for a barbecue at our place? 
These are questions that I ask to myself and out aloud to him.
He just upset and accuses me of being overly dramatic. 
The truth is clear to me. I am the loose end in his life. The random love interest whom just happened to be around when he was ready to settle down.

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