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Well-Meaning Liberal

Well-Meaning Liberal by Bougie Girl Apparel

I mean well. Seriously, I do. I just want everyone to be accorded with the proper amount of respect no matter what their race, religion, national origins, skin color, weight, age, and/or mental capacity.
Is that too much ask? 
Admittedly, there are times whenI go overboard with this lovely concept and invariably end up alienating the people whom I am trying to protect. 
It never occurs to me that my well-meaning protection of these people is hurting them in the long run. I make excuses for their inability to get ahead in the world. I point out that their past history of being unfairly oppressed will always prevent them from ever enjoying the type of success that I take for granted.
I set the bar  low for these people and then over praise them for every little gain that they make. I am fostering delusion and entitlement within them but, I cannot seem to stop myself.  .

Bougie Girl Gone Natural: Natural Hair Reverting Back

The latest video on my channel about natural hair.

Caleb, The Wolf

 The day I met Shayla, my life changed forever.

I was running from the bullies as usual when I stumbled on some sticks.  I just knew that the 2 bullies were going to attack me again. Suddenly, all I heard an eagle’s cry in the distance. Eagle’s are known predators of wolves. I was sure that I was a goner. The other 2 fled without a backward glance.

I was shocked when the eagle started building a nest around me and feeding me on a daily basis. Once, I became stronger, the eagle helped my mom to find me. I will never forget her generosity.

Shayla, The Eagle

I met Caleb during my adolescence. I was still learning how to fly on my own. As I recall, it was a windy day.  I heard all of this barking and crying. It sounded as though something was being attacked. So, I flew closer to where the noise was coming from. There were 2 wolves and they were picking on another smaller one. I didn’t think, I just went into attack mode. I startled all of them.  The 2 bigger wolves scattered but, the smaller one was injured and he was struggling to move. He looked emaciated. I went to a nearby bush and began gathering sticks around him. I hunted down a mouse and dropped it to him. He looked shocked at my kindness. But, still very guarded. For the next 3 weeks, I checked on  him everyday and kept him fed and warm…from a distance of course. Eventually, he was doing better and I could tell that he missed his pack. Of course, I knew that they were not far away. I searched for his mother and through  the forest grapevine, I got word out to …

This Christmas Will Be...

This Christmas will be a little more festive than ones in recent years. Mostly, because I am buying a Christmas tree and making a good faith effort this weekend to decorate my apartment.

 Last year, my apartment was sparsely furnished and we spent Christmas huddled around a folding table and chairs. The only Christmas decoration hanging up was a wreath.

My lack of furniture did not prevent my guests from enjoying great food and lively conversation.

This year, I have a couch, coffee table chair,  and TV stand. Word on the street is that an ottoman will soon grace my living room as well. But, most importantly I feel more at home here in this apartment than ever before.

Bougie Girl Gone Natural: Ends Snapping Cold

This is my first foray into cold weather with my natural hair. From what I can gather, keeping my hair moisturized and protected during the cold weather months is crucial. Otherwise, I could find myself rockin' an Afro puff with a lot of broken ends. This inspired me to come up with a new word for the Natural Hair lexicon: Ends Snapping Cold.

The temperatures here in the Rolling Plains are hovering somewhere around 10 degrees Fahrenheit and my hair though thoroughly moisturized  still feels like a curly pile of straw.

Admittedly, I am not sure how to calculate the exact temperature of ends snapping cold. But, I am willing to guess that it occurs any time the weather dips below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bougie Gone Natural: 12 Days Of My Twist Out....

My satirical take on a popular Christmas tune. I came up with this satire after spending an inordinate amount of time attempting to craft the perfect twist-out. I was trying to work twist-out magic with the help of flexirods, shea butter, hair pudding, hair grease, coconut oil, and a spray bottle of water.

During this arduous process of learning how to twist-out, I began longing for my relaxed hair. It was so much easier to style and I didn't have to twist it out, wrap it up, or do anything. I basically just slept on it, sprayed some oil on it in the morning and headed out the door.

Now, I am trying to determine its texture and diagnose the exact cause of its dryness. On the upside, I have managed to come up with some new vocabulary words to add to the Natural Hair lexicon.

You Can't Make Me Settle...

You Can't Make Me Settle... by Bougie Girl Apparel

When you are unmarried or even divorced for awhile. Well-meaning friends and family try to cajole you into accepting anything that comes your way, just so that you will not be alone. They surmise that your seemingly terminal singlehood must mean that you are desperate to be in a relationship with someone...anyone. You politely explain that whilst you do not expect perfection from a significant other, honesty and fidelity are  still required traits. Alas, your heartfelt oratory has not wavered their determination to see you paired off to anyone with a heartbeat. They insist on using the less than stellar parts of their marriages/relationship as examples on the virtues of patiently overlooking certain indiscretions. Unless of course, the "indiscretion" in question confronts you via social media and/or on your doorstep.